Should you be thinking of places to visit with your class, The James Hall Museum of Transport is a must.

Transport is a theme which recurs throughout the South African School Syllabus. A visit to the Museum can be valuable in reinforcing and illuminating what has been taught in the classroom.

Guided tours are given from Tuesdays to Fridays from 9:30am to groups of +-60. Orientation talks are given to groups of more than 60. Any age is welcome, but special tours have been devised for Grade II to Junior High School students in accordance with the school syllabus.

Tours are interactive, enabling children to climb onto certain vehicles and to role-play various situations. Each tour is followed by a lunch break after which worksheets are completed under the teachers' supervision. Arrangements can be made for rides on the Museum's Penny Farthings, London bus, ox-wagon or fire engine.

The Museum has a shop where various goods relating to the display are on sale.

Each child should bring along a packed lunch.

In order to book a tour, contact the Museum and supply the name and postal address of the school, the grade, number of children, time of arrival and name of person doing the booking or use the booking form.

Booking is essential and to confirm your booking you will receive a reference number together with the relevant documentation necessary prior to the visit. Should you not receive a booking number or these documents the booking is not confirmed.

School holiday programmes are run by the museum. There is a cost involved for the programmes, which varies depending on the events and/or activities.


The James Hall Museum of Transport caters for all people interested in land transport in South Africa with a library and research facilities available.

Research material is available on various aspects of transportation in specific fields.

Officially SAVVA Dated Vehicles:

The James Hall Museum of Transport is affiliated to the Southern African Veteran & Vintage Association (SAVVA) with similar aims and objectives to preserve South African land transport.

There are 5 000 cars and motorcycles registered with the association, and SAVVA is a founder member of FIVA the world governing body and a current member. In this way all are in a position to keep up with the new trends, legislation and information sharing.

History of South African vehicles:

We have access to a private library on the history of vehicles in South Africa and if and where possible will pass on information requested regarding specific vehicles and /or transport related information.

Please contact us for further information.

The James Hall Museum of Transport

Johannesburg, South Africa