The James Hall Museum of Transport houses a wonderful collection of land transport vehicles. This page contains photographs and details of some of the animal-drawn vehicles housed within the museum.

The museum also boasts a fabulous collection of photographs depicting land transport vehicles in their heyday.

Animal-drawn vehicles were the earliest form of transport in South Africa. Of interest are the two- and four-seater Cape Carts.

There is a very comfortable two-wheeled cart that was used for passenger and mail transportation. It is a uniquely South African invention designed to cope with African conditions.

A wide variety on animal drawn vehicles is on display. The Spider (Surrey), Governess Cart and a Victoria which was most commonly used as a taxi in towns and cities. There is a replica Zeederberg Coach, the original is housed in Museum Africa. A Voortrekker Wagon more commonly known as a Kakebeenwa (jaw-bone wagon) and various types of ox-wagons complete the line-up of animal drawn vehicles on display.
1886 animal-drawn Family Coach
Animal-drawn Carriage
Horse-drawn Tram
Johannesburg 1891 to 1906

The James Hall Museum of Transport

Johannesburg, South Africa