The James Hall Museum of Transport houses a wonderful collection of land transport vehicles. This page contains photographs and details of some of the Bicycles and Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motorcycles housed within the museum.

The museum also boasts a fabulous collection of photographs depicting land transport vehicles in their heyday.

There are a number of bicycles on display including Penny-farthings, a Tandem and Tricycles for ladies, men and children.

There is a fine range of Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motorcycles as well as a comprehensive range of Scooters on display. In some instances motorcycles from a bygone era are mounted on the walls.
NSU Imp motorcycle, 1909. This unusual motorcycle, originally of German manufacture, is extremely rare and the only one of its kind in South Africa. It has a V-twin engine with an offset crank pulley to tighten or release the belt driving the rear wheel.
The NSU logo on early vehicles stands for "Neckarsulm".
BSA motorcycle
BSA (Birmingham Small Arms)
1914 Levis motorcycle

The James Hall Museum of Transport

Johannesburg, South Africa