The James Hall Museum of Transport houses a wonderful collection of land transport vehicles. This page contains photographs and details of some of the steam-driven vehicles housed within the museum.

The museum also boasts a fabulous collection of photographs depicting land transport vehicles in their heyday.

The James Hall Museum of Transport has a world-renowned collection of steam vehicles on display. It includes Rollers, Wagons, Jib Cranes, a Bus and a Tractor all powered by steam. Some are in working order.

The Sentinel Steam Wagon was used on the mines to transport coal from the bunkers to the shafts and to take scrap to the salvage yards.

A famous Steam Tractor "Texas Jack", also used on the Witwatersrand mines, is in working condition.
1933 Sentinel Steam-driven bus
The lettering on the front of the bus reads "Pilgrims Rest"
Photograph: Richard Gillatt
1939 John Fowler B7 Lion Jib Crane
1927 Super Sentinel Tractor – “Texas Jack”

The James Hall Museum of Transport

Johannesburg, South Africa